Drysdale Mowers services Drysdale, the Bellarine Penninsula, Geelong and the Surf Coast, with a huge range of ride-on and push mowers we can advise you on the right product to suit your needs and budget, be it for home or business.

Ride-on mowers in Geelong – To help you choose the best model ride-on lawn mower to suit your individual needs we suggest you look at a few pointers:
-the size of the area you are mowing
-whether you prefer an automatic or manual drive
-your budget

You want reliability and performance when selecting your outdoor power equipment. Whether it be a ride-on mower or Chainsaw, and our range of SCAG and COX ride-on mowers provide a variety of options to suit the individual needs of our clients.

If you are simply looking for your backyard we also have hand lawnmowers with user-friendly features which make them easy to use while still offering the performance of commercial products. We offer a choice of manual or automatic transmissions, side discharge or trio-clip machines and a whole range to suit both professional and domestic needs.

Drysdale, Bellarine Penninsula, Geelong and the Surf Coast lawn mowers
Servicing Drysdale, the Bellarine Penninsula, Geelong and the Surf Coast we also have a huge range of upright lawn mowers to suit your needs, including both 2-stroke and 4-stroke mowers at an affordable price.

When choosing a lawn mower we strongly advise that you consider the following points:
-the size of the area you wish to mow first. This enables us to work out the correct engine size for your job.
 Small: up to 30 minutes.

 Medium: up to 45 minutes.

 Large: up to 60 minutes.

 Extra Large: more than 60 minutes.

-Mowing options; do you require a catching mower, mulching mower, utility mower, chipping mower, mulch and catch mower?
-Lawn mower features; ergo handles, ball bearing wheels, self-propelled mower, key start mower.

Considering all these points will give our technicians a better understanding of your garden and assist us in offering you the best product for your job.

We also offer zero turn mowers, ideal for larger landscaping requirements. Please take a look at our lawn mower FAQ for any information you’re seeking about ride-on or upright domestic push models.

We also supply high-quality chainsaws in Geelong and the surrounding areas. Please contact the Drysdale Mowers on 5253 1608 or email us with enquiries.