At Drysdale Mowers we stock a wide variety of zero turn mowers from the best and most popular world wide leading brands– including SCAG, FERRIS, Cub Cadet, Cox, Redmax, Rover and VICTA.

As the name suggests, these machines have excellent manoeuvrability. Zero turn mowers are rear-wheel powered, allowing for a turning circle of effectively zero. The machine can spin 180 degrees, giving your lawn a smooth-cut finish. It also reduces the need to drive over already-cut areas to reach tight spots, and you won’t need to reverse and perform multiple cutting paths.

Absolutely perfect for professional landscapers, gardeners and home owners with large properties these zero turn mowers will give your lawns a professional finish everytime! Fast becoming the favourite type of mowing machine across the Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong and the Surf Coast, a zero turn mower will save you extra time with an operating speed of between eight and 12 km/h.

When looking at purchasing a zero turn mower it is important to consider some of the following;

How important is ease and manoeuvrability for getting around tight areas and landscaping features of different shapes and sizes ?

How important is a sturdy and reliable machine, ideal for hills, slopes and other terrains ?

Suspension ?

How important is something with an ergonomic design including comfortable seat ?

What size cutting deck are you interested in ?

If you are still unsure about what zero turn mower suits you needs and budget, our team can happily provide advice and recommendations on which model is best suited for your individual budget and needs.

Please contact Drysdale Mowers for more information on any of our models.